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About Us

‘’KaalChakkra’’ is a humble initiative by ardent Astrology lovers. Astrologers who have themselves been reading, researching and practising the divine sciences of Numerology, Astrology, Vaastu and other occult fields. Our team continues to research and provide consultations on regular basis to people from all walks of life and wishes to bring the best of Astrological talent and Services for the benefit of mankind. This team shall endeavour to relentlessly work towards bringing forth all in occult and related fields that a true seeker deserves.

KaalChakkra shall continuously endeavour to have a regular evaluation, filtration and feedback process to ensure that only the best of the services and service providers be a part of the KaalChakkra family in the long run. Since the rating and feedback process is open, the audience shall surely have a say in selection of consultants/service providers. A lot therefore being presented on the platform will be as per audience expectations and preferences.  The success of this platform depends on our joint efforts. Continuous guidance, balanced unbiased feedback shall surely be expected from the users. Your encouragement shall form a very important basis for the survival and success of this platform. From time to time, KaalChakkra would keep on continuous evolving to make it more and more helpful and user friendly.

We surely look forward for all u people to enjoy being part of this family and popularise it amongst your friends and family.

In order to bring succour to humankind, prayers and remedial measures are an important element of astrological consultation. Our team is travelling to different and meeting Indian Spiritual Diaspora to connect KaalChakkra users with knowledgeable and learned souls, adept in helping you in this connection.

It would be pertinent to mention here that unlike many other astrology platforms wherein users can match their own horoscopes, find partner suitability etc, we would like to caution users here for we believe that very high level of astrological competence is required for any astrological input. Softwares can only give you points; figures etc but analysis and interpretation of a horoscope should not be carried out without acquiring astrological knowledge. Therefore we do not encourage our users to interpret charts on their own as these could lead to misinterpretation and misconceptions.

The art of Prediction comes only through divine grace. After years of knowledge accumulation and practice is an astrologer able to throw light on ‘the road ahead’. However, prediction is not easy. It comes after synthesising a complex picture of analysing houses and planets. Therefore even genuine astrologers can, at times, go wrong in their predictions. Astrologers are not Gods and they can only see and predict whatever ‘’Almighty’’ wishes to communicate.  However good, genuine astrologers can surely peep into future, which may not be easily possible for an average human. Astrologers can go wrong but not Astrology for it is a super science, mother of all sciences, founded by the creator of all beings, ‘’Lord Brahma’’ himself.  And therefore, at times, it becomes very normal and obvious to seek astrological opinion.

We want KaalChakkra to be a platform to be used by anyone and everyone irrespective of geographical boundaries, caste, creed, religion etc. Non Hindus are also encouraged to benefit from the marvel of divine science of Astrology.