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 The Panel of Astrologers at ‘KaalChakkra’ reserves the right to answer or deny consultations for any question raised. In case of denial, entire fee charged shall be refunded (except applicable taxes).

Our panel of Astrologers will give their expert opinion on the queries raised by the audience.  This will, needless to add, involve rigorous efforts and time. However very important point that all our readers should understand is that astrologers are only able to communicate what Almighty wishes and to the extent he wishes. 
Astrologers, as per our knowledge, understanding and experience of the subject, can never be 100 percent accurate in all cases.  At times, there can be misses too and even the best of the astrologers can go wrong at times (just like excellent highly knowledgeable doctors can also go wrong in their judgments). Therefore astrological opinions should be taken from an overall perspective as broad guidelines but not as a ‘diktat from Heaven’. The fundamentals of Astrology, however, remain unchallengeable and in fallible till date. We endeavour to bring to you a panel of accomplished, well read, knowledgeable and respected astrologers, some of whom, at times, may even be difficult to access. Opinions and consultations provided as part of predictions from our panel of astrologers are manually accomplished (not software program generated predictions). At times you may require a second opinion (from another astrologer) for your queries and there is no harm if the question and circumstances demand so. It is just like any normal being taking a second medical opinion.  Whenever you are in doubt and at cross roads of life, highly important decisions have to be taken then astrology is one of the best measures to rely on and no harm in having a second opinion. Our panel of experts is here to guide you and take you positively forward in your journey of life.
Most of the astrologers with KaalChakkra can be accessed over email/telephone (LAN/mobile) and some through video conferencing as well.
We are covering a whole gamut of services related to Astrology (Numerology, Vaastu, Gemology) and range of indirect product/service providers as well.  
Services, generally, would also include possible remedial measures including Pujas to be performed, Gemstones to be worn, ‘Daan’ (or Charities) to be done etc. Remedial measures may or may not work for a native depending on the ‘’The Will of God’’. Recitation of Specific Mantras could work out wonders for many during challenging times.