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Healthy Life

Healthy Life

By KaalChakkra.com - Astrology

Out of the Seven Forms of Happiness described by our ancestors, Good Health tops it all.

The more we stay in tune with nature, the better will it be for our health. If nature gives us certain fruits or vegetables in certain months then it is in our best interest to consume them in the seasons they are readily available. This can help in leading a healthy disease-free life. On the other hand, frozen fruits and vegetables with preservatives can often go on to cause diseases.

Exercising, Yoga and Meditative Practices can really boost one’s health. Regular walking is something that is highly recommended by one and all in the health fraternity. In earlier periods people were taking daily walks of several kilometres every day without actually being aware or consciously doing so. As life was mainly dependent on physical work. Today we are hardly walking or doing any physical work and anytime we are doing so we become highly conscious of this fact and this may not be yielding the desired results. In times of sedentary lifestyles, it is all the more important to adopt the habit of walking that extra mile every day.

Drink one or two glasses of water kept in a copper container after waking up in the morning. Some authorities recommend that water may be taken without brushing of teeth and in this way rich saliva formed overnight goes into the system. If copper container is not available, use pure fresh drinking water. Some doctors value water with certain PH levels as being good for our consumption. Since our body is composed largely of water, it is recommended to have quite a few glasses of water every day. Hot water consumption is said to be highly useful for the human body. It is suggested to have hot water around 40 minutes after meals as well. However, one should avoid having water in between meals and one should desist from talking in between meals as well. Drinking-water half an hour before meals and around 40 minutes after meal is considered good. Rinse the mouth thoroughly after every meal. Use natural mouth freshners such as cardamom.

Many dieticians recommend that mustard oil is highly suitable for use and ghee, especially cow ghee is highly beneficial. Steamed food such as idli and buttermilk (especially in summers) are beneficial for health.

Avoid consumption of preserved foods, processed foods, or cold drinks. Do not eat stale food. Ayurvedic Physicians recommend that food prepared within a period of 4 hours is considered to be best for health. Regular consumption of ghee is recommended by ayurveda. Minimum food may be consumed in the night time. And a gap of 3 hours should ideally be set between the last meal and sleeping time. A good night sleep is extremely essential for rejuvenation of the body and sleep of around 7 hours is considered ideal.


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