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Numerology and Cricket

Numerology and Cricket

By KaalChakkra.com - Numerology

Winning or Losing a Cricket Match – Its all written there in the stars !!!.so true it seems . Let us start by analyzing a few countries, their name numbers, dates of independence as well as role of their captains


World Cup Final 2015 was held on 29th March 2015 (Birth Number 11, Life Path Number  22). 2015 world cup was the 11th World Cup.  After a gap of ‘8’ years , Australia again won the world cup(the fifth world cup won by Australia)  on 29th March  2015. The event date, 29th March 2015 comes to:  (Birth number 29 and 2+9=11/2, Life Path Number 22/4) .Australia won.

Australian team was led by Michael Clarke(DOB:  2nd April 1981- Birth Number 2, Life path 7). New Zealand was captained by Captain Brendon Barrie McCullum- Date of Birth: Sep 27, 1981(Birth number 9, Life path- 19/10) .

Michael Clarke was named captain of Australia’s T-2- side in the year 2009- Total ‘11/ 2’ which is in harmony with his birth number. He announced his retirement from T20 cricket on 7th Jan 2011 – Number 7 may be noted is his Life Path (Total of all his birth digits) as well. Clarke’s highest test batting score of 329 runs was made on 5th Jan 2012(Total 11/2 his birth number). He also added a double century to his credit on 22nd Nov 2012 (Birth Number 22, Life Path Number 11)

Incidentally, Australia became an independent nation on 1st Jan 1901 (Birth Number 1, Total 4). It may also be worthwhile to mention here that the word ‘AUSTRALIA’ as per Chaldean Numerology comes to 1+6+3+4+2+1+3+1+1=22/4. 

Australia has won five world cups so far and every time the date when these finals have been fought and won by Aussies are on numbers 2/4/8 . Also on most of the occasions the dates when Australia has won have a connection with ‘Number 22/4’

2015 World Cup was the ‘7th’ world cup in which Australia reached the finals.(Number 7 is in harmony with Number 2 , which is also Birth Number of Captain Michael Clarke ) and also with Number 4.


Let us analyze the earlier world cups as well

Cricket World Cup competition was started by ICC in the year 1975- Total 22/4 and the word  Australia comes to a total of ( 1+6+3+4+2+1+3+1+1=22/ 4) as explained earlier as well.  World cups are  certainly in harmony with Australia and likely to remain so as well!!

First ICC World Cup final was contested between Australia and West Indies  on 21st June 1975-(Birth number 3, Life path Total 31/‘4’) West Indies beat Australia by 17(1+7=8) runs. Clive Lloyd was the  West Indies Captain  born on  31st August 1944( many 4’s in his date of birth)- Birth number 4, Life Path 3. Australia was led by Ian Chappal – Born on 26th Sep 1943- Birth Number 8, Life path Number 7.

The word Australia comes to Number 22/4 and West Indies comes to (6+5+3+4+ 1+5+4+1+5+3=37=10. Compound Number 10 is considered to be a highly fortunate compound and is considered as the ‘ Wheel of Fortune’ as well. Number 10 is not in complete harmony with Number 3 (match was played on 21st June) but is very much in harmony with Number 4 ( Number 1-Number 4 form a pair, both ruled by ‘’ Sun’’). The date of match is more in harmony with the date of birth of Clive Lloyd. Number 3 is anti to number 8 in harmony and compatibility.  Number 4 , birth number of Clive Lloyd is not the best fit number for number 3(21st June) but is in harmony with 21.6.1975- the total of which comes to 4. Among ‘4’ and ‘8’ more harmonious for number 4 is number 4 itself and  not number 8. As a matter of fact the peculiarity, swings of fate associated with number 8 increase in association with number 4. 

Incidentally Dates of Birth of both Clive Lloyd(born on 31st August 1944 )  and Ian Chappal(born on 26th Sep 1943)  are in harmony with the name numbers of their own countries( West Indies comes to ‘10’ and Australia comes to ‘22/4’) and both have been able to achieve name, fame and success while representing their countries!

The Cricket World Cup 1987, also known as the Reliance world cup was played on 8th Nov 1987 (Birth number 8, Life path number17/ 8) between Australia and England. Australia won. Date of birth of Australian Captain ,Allan Border-  July 27 1955 (Birth Number 9, Life path number 9). His date of birth is not in harmony with the date of event.

Captain of England team-Mike Gatting- Date of Birth: 6th Jun 1957(Birth number 6, Life Path number 9).  The date of the event is not in harmony with either of the two captains . Incidentally England comes to ‘8’(ENGLAND= 5+5+3+3+1+5+4=26=8) and ‘Australia’ comes to Number 22/4 as per Chaldean numerology.  Obviously it would be test of nerves for both the teams with no cakewalk for either. The power of ‘8’ in the event date (8th Nov 1987; Birth Number 8, Life Path Number 8) adds on to the peculiarity and surely represented the ‘swing of fate’. Favourable dates for Number 8 are generally not their own number. This is a special rule valid only for Number 8. For All other numbers their own dates are surely in harmony with them. The Year 1987, the year of the match adds upto Number 25/7. Number 7 is more in harmony with Number 4 (Australia) than it is with England(Number 8). England lost the match which was the most closely fought world cup till date  with Australia winning the World cup by a mere ‘7’ runs!!


1999 World Cup was fought between Australia and Pakistan at Lords on June 20, 1999 (Birth number 2, Life Path Number 9). Australian was led by Steve Waugh- Date of Birth:  June 2 1965( Birth number 2, Life path 11/2). Captain of Pakistan team was Wasim Akram: Date of Birth of Wasim Akram: 3rd June 1966 (Birth number 3, Life path 4). The date of event was much more in harmony for Australia than it was for Pakistan. The word Australia comes to number 22/ 4 (in harmony with number 2), the date of event also matches with the birth number of Steve Waugh)


2003 World Cup- It took place on  23rd March 2003(Birth number 5, Total of  13/4)  and the finals was staged between India and Australia. Incidentally it was the 8th world cup. Match was held at Wanderers stadium, Johannesberg. Indian captain was Saurabh Ganguly. Australia won the match defeating India by 125 runs (1=2=5=8) . Date of birth of Ricky Ponting, Captain of Australian team: 19th Dec 1974(Birth Number 1, Life Path Number 7) . Number 1 is in perfect sync with number 5.

Date of Birth of Saurabh Ganguly – 8th july 1972(Birth number 8, Life Path Number 9)  is not in sync with the date of the event.  It may be noted that generally any date  is considered fortunate if it is the same as birth number. However this rule does not apply for number 8 whose fatalistic tendencies can further increase if an event happens on the same date. Life path number 9 of Captain Saurabh Ganguly is also not in harmony with Life Path Number 4  of the date of the world cup. It however is the same as the Name Number of Australia.


2007 World Cup- Held on 28th april 2007 (Birth no 1, Total 5), it was contested between Australia and  Srilanka. Australia won again.  Ricky Ponting was again the captain(DOB: 19th Dec 1974, Birth Number 1 life path number 7) . Srilanka was captained by Mahela Jayawardene(DOB: 27th May 1977- Birth Number 9, Life path 2) . The date of event number 1 is in harmony with name number 4 of Australia. It is not in sync with name number of Sri Lanka i.e number 18/9. (SriLanka-3+2+1+3+1+5+2+1=18=9).The event date is also in total sync with numbers in the birth date  of Ricky Ponting. Life path number  of Mahela Jayawardene , is not in harmony with the date of the world cup final whereas it is in case of Ricky Ponting.  Readers may please note that ‘Number 19’ as such also is one of the most fortunate compounds in numerology.


The Not so Good times for  Australia during the World Cups

Number 4 is not in great harmony with either Number 8 or Number 9 and should avoid these two numbers. Australia is Number 4. Numbers in harmony with Number 4 are Number 1, 2 and 7. Number 5 and Number 6 also can go along with them in lesser measures.

·         In the World Cup 1979 (Total of the year is ‘8’) .1979 was the first time when Australians were out before the knockout phase. Number 8, as enumerated earlier as well, can increase the fatalistic tendencies of number 4.

During the 1983 world cup (Total of the year is ‘3’) Australia suffered major setbacks including the stunning loss suffered in match against Zimbabwe. Australia suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe (a debut team) on 9th June 1983. Man of the Match was Duncan Fletcher, born on Sep 27, 1948 Captain of Zimbabwe Cricket team (Birth Number 9, Life Path Number 22/4). The date of the match 9th June was very much in harmony with Fletcher’s date of birth (Birth Number 9) . National Day of Zimbabwe falls on  18th April (1+8=9) . The month of  April is also ruled by planet Mars.

·         Australia did win quite a few quite a matches post their defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe during 1983 World Cup but again suffered defeat against India and West Indies. India(total  of INDIA comes to 1+5+4+1+1=12= ‘3’) finally won the ‘ Prudential’ World Cup.  The readers, by now, can easily guess that the word ‘PRUDENTIAL’ by Chaldean comes to : 8+2+6+4+5+5+4+1+1+3=39=12=3, same as that of India.  Incidentally this was ‘3rd’ World Cup .  India won the cup on 25th June 1983. Total ‘16’. West Indies crashed during this final day (this world final was the third consecutive final for West Indies) . Date of Birth of Clive Lloyd(then captain of the West Indies team) – 31st August 1944.  Date of birth of Kapil Dev, then captain of India- 6th Jan 1959(Birth Number 6, Total 13/4). Birth number of Kapil Dev is again in  resonance with ‘Prudential’ and also with the year. 




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