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Selection of Baby Names

Selection of Baby Names

By KaalChakkra.com - Astrology

Depending on the date, place and time of birth the horoscope of a child is prepared. The Moon is taken into consideration for selection of a name. The first alphabets of the names are suggested as per the naskshatra in which the moon is located in the birth chart. There ae 27 nakshatras and each is further divided into four charans or padas. Names are specifically selected depending on Nakshatra pada in which the moon is located inan individual's birth chart.

Name is not merely a group of alphabets, but is also contains the key to good Tuck, health, wealth and much more. Indian swar shastra (system based on the sound of the name) gives a log of importance to the name. Numerology also gives a lot of importance to the name. AT kaalchakkra.com we have developed multiple systems that can help you selecting right name for your baby.


















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