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Aquarius Horoscope

 Governing Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Water Bearer
Element: Air
Constitution: Fixed


Highly social are those born under the zodiac sign of 'aquarius'. They are generally very active in the social domain and do a lot good for the public at large. They take great interest in social meetings and ceremonies. In spite of a large social network they somehow internally nurture a feeling of loneliness.



By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt


They are not flamboyant and rarely show off their wealth. Many times opportunities come right at their doorsteps and they actively let these opportunities slip away for one reason or another. Success comes to them and still eludes them !!. The symbol for this zodiac has a person carrying the pitcher with a hole.


Many spiritual giants are born under the sign of aquarius. They are strong believers of occult and some of them are engaged in deep studies of the mysteries of nature. Their eyes are an asset to them and they yield a lot of controlling power through their eyes. Also for some reasons, beyond the eyes of the obvious, aquarians invariably find themselves surrounded by people high on nerves, hysterical or insane.

Aquarians, in general, like negotiating and are generally good in business development and public relations. They are not big spenders and like to maintain a tab on spends.

Generally speaking, poor blood circulation, weakness of the heart and disorders of bladders and kidneys are the main issues that can pose challenges to aquarians.


Jan 14, 2018 to Jan 13, 2019 Horoscope

By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt

Aquarians this year could fight back your opponents and stage a comeback. Earnings through export import could be there. Gains and growth prospective seen could be for many of your fathers. Spirituality continues this year as well. There could be expenditure on a long distance journey as well especially connected with pilgrimages.

You shall make good money and spend on your parents as well.