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Libra Horoscope

Governing Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Balance
Element: Air
Constitution: Movable

Librans have very pleasing personalities. Most of those born under this zodiac are beautiful and attractive. They are gifted with good health and loads of energy. They have great liking for music, beauty and love. Librans are pretty romantic in their disposition. Co existing with others and living in peace and harmony is important for them. They therefore tend to avoid conflicts. They are diplomatic in approach as they carefully chose their words and are therefore successful in all professions where diplomacy is required including, but not limited to, sales.


By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt

They try to strike a balance in everything they think and do as true as their zodiac sign of a 'balance'- weighing everything carefully. They also seek opinion from many quarters (some of them remotely connected or at times not connected at all) with an idea of trying to come to a balanced right perspective. Quite a few of those born under this zodiac find driving cars quite challenging.

One can hardly make out their true feelings from their outwardly mannerisms. Lot many actors are born under this zodiac. So acting does come naturally to them. One marked quality of theirs which distinguishes them from many other zodiac signs is the importance they give to education and knowledge. Whether in business or in jobs, almost all Librans wish to achieve good education and also want their progenies to acquire the best possible education even if it seems too costly for the Libran parents' pocket. Librans can, at times, develop affinity for research in quest of higher knowledge.

Health of Librans is generally good. However regions in and around the sexual organs could at times give rise to health issues. Also back pain, fevers and headaches can, at times, pose challenges.

Jan 14, 2018 to Jan 13, 2019 Horoscope

By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt

 There could be some losses in professional arena witnessed in first half of the year. This year may bring several changes on professional front. Meditation is must to achieve inner peace. You will however not be shying from hard work and putting in lot of efforts and these will bear fruit. Money continues to flow.

Good time for family life, children.