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Virgo Horoscope

Governing Planet : Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Constitution: Mutable/Dual

Virgos, just like taureans, are very disciplined specially when it comes to work. They are mentally and physically very agile. They like to work hard, provided it assures them money at the end of the day!!
During early age, most of the virgos are very pious in their thoughts and actions, as one would expect from the sign/symbol of Virgos- the Virgins.


By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt

Very homely in approach, they like neat and tidy places and enjoy cooking food. Virgo females know how to keep their homes spic n span. Even those virgo females who are engaged in work, are able to manage their households pretty neatly. They know how and at what rate to purchase groceries, durables or perhaps almost anything. Good cooks, Good Wife, Good Home Managers, Gracious hosts with a good dress sense- all in one !!!

Virgos however are practical and are not that giving or large hearted in nature. So they would surely agree to any advice, any ritual to be performed etc , any hard work to be done provided they see concrete benefits at the end of the tunnel. In general, they are practical and highly materialistic in their approach to life.

Virgos are very good in financial handling. The lure of money just drives them. Even a toddler is attracted by the look of a dollar. The gleam in his eyes can tell it all!!! This lure of dollar makes them work and strive hard to achieve it and they are able to achieve financial success. They know how to earn and not only earn but save as well. Saving, Accumulating and Negotiating are talents that are innate in virgos.

They are generally of robust health which helps them undertake strenuous tasks and yet keep them away from illness of all kinds. They should however stay away from drugs and alcohol of all kinds as this is one area which can give them more trouble than to those born under other zodiacs. Back pain and disc related problems often trouble virgos and alternate therapies on such occasions can be effective.

Jan 14, 2018 to Jan 13, 2019 Horoscope

By Anuj Omkumar Bhatt

Good year for educational pursuits. Period of professional gains. In matters of love some of you may be meeting people connected with past lives. You will be busy throughout, focus a lot on work and timely meals may not be there.

Increase of wealth shall be witnessed.