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 Since ages, Numerology has attracted millions of fellow travellers. It has been passed to us through generations with knowledge base spanning thousands of years of human lives. If we start penning down important dates in our life we will be surprised to and how relevant Numerology is.

On careful observation of important events in our life; dates when we have won any reward, prize etc or the dates of our appointment letters, numbers of our cars, ticket numbers... (the list is endless) we will perhaps be amused to notice that most of these dates bear a peculiar relationship with numbers comprising our date of birth. Be it our spouse, friend, boss, parents or our children numbers help us understand how easily nature commands and controls lives with unfailing precision. 
Numerology is a way to realize our inner self. God speaks the secret language of the skies through numbers and the divine science of Numerology is one of the many routes that can help us in understanding the DNA of life. Kaalchakkra.com shall be helpful for the users, not only in terms of understanding the secret meaning of numbers but also throwing light on the path of our life and the purpose of the present birth of yours. Am sure if followed in spirit, it will open the doors of spiritual awakening for the true seeker.
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