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Vaastu Shashtra


Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by Indian sages lays down rules for the construction of buildings and temples and has been practiced for centuries. 

Buildings built according to Vaastu shastra principles are said to vibrate with ‘universal positive energy’ which results in all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for the occupants.
The fundamental principle of Vaastu Shastra is to add ‘Value to the Life of the man’ staying in a building by bringing about harmony between the inmate, nature and the built environment. 
Vaastu Shastra has evolved over centuries and from experience it has been documented that the improper positioning of rooms with respect to the elements causes an imbalance. When the harmonics between elements gets disturbed, our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill-health. 
However, the right application of Vaastu Shastra principles can create a balance between the building structure, the five elements and the cosmos. This equilibrium between the internal and external energies, ensures a healthy body and happy mind which leads to health, wealth, happiness and success. So, it is wise and probably necessary to follow Vaastu Shastra guidelines in the design of a building.
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